Rilheva + Ewon =
IIoT ready-to-use

  • Rilheva with Ewon

    is the best tool available to get you into the digitalization of your business, in a few minutes and with guaranteed results.

  • Rilheva is

    the ideal off-the-shelf and self-provisioned complement to the Ewon branded products from HMS Networks, and is an official HMS Solution Partner.

The simple IIoT

  • Rilheva, Ewon’s IoT Solution Partner worldwide,

    thanks to the deep integration with Flexy devices offers the best user experience ever.

  • Do you perceive that your Ewon Flexys already installed have great potential, but you don’t know how to exploit it?

    By connecting your Ewon to Rilheva IIoT Platform, you’ll add huge value to your process data.

  • We offer you an end-to-end solution ready to use

    to immediately access the benefits of Industry 4.0 by developing new winning business models.

How does it work?

Just choose the variables to be processed on your Ewon, using one of the many supported industrial protocols.

These variables (tags) will be automatically transmitted to the DataMailbox (Ewon data collection service).

By entering your Talk2M credentials on the Rilheva IIoT Platform, our services will recognize – automatically and in real time – all the Ewons associated with your account and start synchronizing all the defined tags.

Only 3 steps to get to the result.

  1. Enable DataMailbox historical data on your signals
Ewon Talk2M
  1. Add your Talk2M Account to Rilheva
  2. Set the specific Ewon user and password (to enable advanced features)

Communication is bidirectional: you can send commands to your Ewon and to the devices connected to it, as if you were on site.

LIVE:  this feature is available to allow you to analyze a continuous flow of data, making the user experience unique and realistic.

Compatible Ewon models

The Ewon models fully compatible with Rilheva are all the Flexy series and some of the previous CD series:

  • Flexy 101
  • Flexy 102
  • Flexy 103
  • Flexy 201
  • Flexy 202
  • Flexy 203
  • Flexy 205
  • 2005 CD
  • 4005 CD

Note: All Ewon models that support the DataMailbox service are compatible

What are the benefits of the Rilheva + Ewon solution?

  • An end-to-end solution ready-to-use
  • Rilheva automatically reads the configuration on the Ewon
  • You can also enable remote control on already installed plants
  • You can also use the previous Ewon CD series (2005 and 4005)
  • 5 minutes to start using your data
  • You can manage the plants of different Talk2M accounts
  • In Rilheva you can see LIVE data in Real Time
  • In Rilheva, you can see both the historical data and the current data
  • You can manage over 1000 signals per device
  • Do you still use .csv files via email? Thanks to Rilheva everything is easier
  • You have an always up-to-date SaaS solution