Rilheva API

Build IoT applications and manage all your machine data with our Rilheva API

  • API (acronym for Application Programming Interface) is one of the most widespread communication tools to share data in Web services and to integrate third parties APP software.

  • API represent the ideal tool for an organization to share resources and information, thus ensuring at the same time security, control and authentication.

  • Rilheva has developed and made public its own API as they are a key strategical element in digital transformation, being particularly suitable for IoT systems communication.

  • Rilheva API are extremely simple and immediate to manage, they do not imply any particular software or application, you just need your application to recall Rilheva API syntax to start a secure (https) and bidirectional communication with Rilheva Platform.

Frontend Rilheva API

Have you ever been in one the following situations?

  • 1.

    You want to integrate plant data in your existing management application/SCADA

  • 2.

    You want to publish the collected data on your website

  • 3.

    You want to develop your own APP/Custom Portal to manage your plants and to process collected data

  • 4.

    You want to develop a microservice exploiting collected data historical series

If the answer is yes, frontend Rilheva API is the right tool for you.

By using frontend Rilheva API, your Rilheva Platform managed plants can communicate in a bidirectional way with your application (SCADA).

For example, you can export Rilheva plant data to your process predictive analysis APP and then you can write results (predictors) directly in Rilheva. In this way, they can be managed and used just by one system ensuring, at the same time, intellectual property of your application.

For frontend Rilheva API info:

Rilheva API

Backend Rilheva API
(field – IoT Gateway)

Your company has invested in a legacy HW, but you don’t want to re-develop it all to

send data to the cloud?

Then, backend Rilheva API is the tool you need.

Backend Rilheva API offers a wide range of methods to implement communication to Rilheva cloud in just a few code lines.

Here a few possible functions:

  • Gateway authentication
  • Variables automatic update
  • Bidirectional commnunication (reading and writing)
  • Plant status management
  • Plant configuration
  • VPN management and configuration
  • And much more ….

Ask for a

to find out what you can do with backend Rilheva API and access the IoT world in just a few days!

For backend Rilheva API info: